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October 02, 2009

Education in the News This Week

The New York Times Magazine just printed its annual education issue, and we’d like to share with you three stories worth a quick mention:

Can the Right Kinds of Play Teach Self-Control?
If we can help kids think straight, process information in a coherent way, and avoid distractions, there’s a strong indication of both short-term and long-term success, academic and otherwise. “The problem is that just as we’re coming to understand the importance of self-regulation skills, those skills appear to be in short supply among young American children,” writes Paul Tough, NYT Magazine editor and author of Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America. Enter Tools of the Mind, a relatively new program dedicated to improving the self-regulation abilities of young children, starting as early as age 3.

How to Remake Education
Speaking of Geoffrey Canada, he’s one of five education experts invited to share their ideas for how to remake education, with solutions ranging from less testing to longer school hours. It’s a short, worthy read, and may interest you in education blogger Robert Pondiscio’s response, Why Send Kids to School?

The Inner-City Prep School Experience
An interesting profile of “the first inner-city public boarding school in the country, with admission by lottery,” located in the most impoverished part of Washington D.C.: “Every Sunday night, 325 students in grades 6 through 12, most of them African-American, most from single-parent, lower-income families in Southeast and Northeast, pass through the gates of SEED [...] Then, after school on Friday, they leave SEED’s protected, grassy campus to return to their neighborhoods — the ones that created the need for charter schools like SEED in the first place.”


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