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February 12, 2012

"You're grounded. And the whole world knows it." Is Facebook parenting the new face of parenting?

Have you seen it yet? The viral YouTube video of Tommy Jordan, a very mad dad who is going to teach his 15-year-old daughter Hannah a lesson, in front of the entire world. (The video is below. Viewer beware: If you're watching it for the first time, some language is salty.)

See, Hannah posted a mean-spirited letter "To my parents" on Facebook that her parents were never meant to read. Signing her letter, "Your pissed daughter" and complaining how impossible it is to carry her load of household chores and do her homework, her post is loaded with teenage rants like, "I am not your damned slave. It's not my responsibility to clean up your s---" and "...if you want coffee, get off your ass and make it yourself."

Dad, being an IT professional, found a way to read it and, whoa, did all hell break loose in the Jordan household - and we got to watch! He posted his lecture on her Facebook page so all her friends could see her scolding. The tough-talkin', no-nonsense Jordan (who also smokes and litters during the video) ends with a real bang. I kind of hate to ruin it, but he shoots her laptop with his 45.

The parents I know who have seen the 8 minutes, 23 second lecture are mezmerized: wow, he actually did this, in front of everybody? It's kind of brilliant. I mean, if you've ever gotten into it with your tween or teen, and they are rolling their eyes and stomping off in righteous indignation at your idioacy, you are so furious that you want them to get how wrong they are - 'They're so ungrateful! They're so irrational!" You want to teach them a lesson. This Dad give her a taste of her own medicine by using those most public of social medias - YouTube and Facebook - to do it.

Welcome to an entirely new form of parenting - as Jordan rightly titled it: Facebook parenting. When nothing else works, teach your kids a lesson by shaming them online. Jordan has blazed a dubious trail, creaitng a new standard for public parenting. Hey, even teachers could get into the act!

Or here's another idea: Before other frustrated parents start acting out online, maybe it's time to to take a timeout. When you've had a chance to think about how to act like an adult, then you can come out of your room.



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Wow, this is truly disturbing on so many levels.
A lesson on how NOT to deal with your teenager. Seems like a waaay over-the-top reaction to a typical teen rant. It's scary how he doesn't deal with it directly, but acts like a child himself. And then it gets really scary when he pulls the gun.
Not exactly a way to open the lines of communication is it?

I love it and would want to see this dad as Father of the Year. If you follow his Facebook page--he didn't do ANYTHING fancy to get to the page. Their dog has its own page, he went to comment on a picture of the dog, and the precious child had forgotten to add the dog to the "family" or "church" group that would have kept the post hidden from dear Dad.

While I probably would have videotaped the computer being handed over to a nonprofit charity, I wholeheartedly support parents holding their kids to higher standards. Given the scary posts I've witnessed from the kids I coach--inappropriate language, drinking, etc., parents have NO idea what their kids are doing on FB. And it's awful.

While I don't agree with public humiliation as punishment, hopefully the teen will learn a valuable lesson. What is posted online, stays online, and can do irreparable damage. Most adults don't learn this until they lose a job opportunity due to an indiscreet photo or facebook post. Hopefully this girl at least will think twice before posting something hurtful to others or her future career now. Private rants should not be public... whatever happened to locked diaries?

I can certainly understand the dad's anger, and punishment was certainly earned, but it would have been a good idea to take a minute to think before this happens.

The only lesson the teen learned is how to hide or filter her posts. If the father had "spoken" instead of "ranted"; if the father restricted or better yet supervised the use of the computer instead of "shooting" it; THAT would be father of the year. This father needs to get help before he uses the gun on his family - or himself.

Re. the blog on Facebook Parenting: Thanks everyone for the comments that either applaud the dad or can't believe he'd go that far and act like a teenager himself. I like the idea of handing the laptop over to a charity instead of shooting it.

This is TERRIBLE parenting. If this is the new face of parenting the next generation will turn out awful.

Wow, first time I've seen this! This is a bit radical but if it worked then maybe we should all start shooting our kids electronics...

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