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November 17, 2012

Reality parenting video: mom consoles her son after the election

By Carol Lloyd, Executive Editor

Most children support the same political candidates as their parents (even after kids grow up 70% vote like Mom and Dad). So chances are the mother of this distraught little boy is probably bummed about the outcome of the election, too.   

Still, she exhibits such a gentle, persistent response to her son's first political disappointment that it demands admiration.  Not only does she keep at it -- letting him vent while not indulging his hyperbole, but she provides a powerful lesson in democratic fairness (you don't always get what you want) and suggests a radically ethical notion that the Beltway would do well to embrace: you can disagree with someone's politics and still think they are a good person.  The way she empathizes with her son, but doesn't let him badmouth Obama gives one a little hope for the future of democracy.  Had Obama not won the popular vote though it would have been a much more difficult conversation!

Sweet, smart.  Worth a watch.  And the kid is hilarious. 


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It's too bad people couldn't be this way in person and on Facebook. Real friendships fell by the wayside in the spirit of 'winning' and 'sore losers.'

Being somewhat all over on political issues, I had to distance myself from far too many friends who felt the need to talk down to anyone who didn't agree with them.

We've all lived through politics we didn't agree with. And we'll continue to do so.

The mom in this video did a much better job than some of the pundits out there. They have been stoking partisan feelings even after the election and she worked to calm them and put her son on a more even emotional keel. In today's political environment, that is rare.

I wonder why this executive editor thinks it would have been a more difficult conversation had president Obama not won???

Why do children display such behavior, when I see this mother trying to calm down her son, But really something negative had to have been said. I watched the video several times and there was a pause on somthing that her son said!!! Yes, most children do follow politics based on their up-bringing, we all need to think about what is going to benefit our children's future! Children will throw fits they are children but really what is THIS child being taught. Nice video.

I don't think the conversation wouldn't have been difficult at all if the republicans won. It was clear where she stood and she knew she was taping her voice as well. I agree children should be aware of what is going on however when he was at the dinner and watching the commercials you can tell the mother didn't have the same obligation toward democrats. The little boy knew way too much and shouldn't have been so stressed that he was unable to get up. He was displaying a learned behavior form his parent during the campaign season. (One girls opinion)

My children, 15 & 9, had a very different reaction to Obama winning. They knew everything about the election & what effect each President would have on our country. As parents we express our views, but,we let our children hear ALL views & form their OWN informed opinions. Children are very aware and as adults we should try to guide them, not force them.

This video was not really beneficial and I'm not sure why it was posted. The mother timidly stated some facts about the electoral process, however, she continue to cater to the "sore loser" response from the children which was not much different from the pundits.

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