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May 08, 2013

Words of wisdom from my mom

By Jessica Kelmon, Associate Editor

In honor of Mother’s Day, GreatSchools staffers shared the advice, sayings, and rules to live by that we can still hear our moms saying – sometimes over and over. (It turns out, we were listening!) Thanks for shaping our minds, setting us straight, and helping us navigate the world, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Carol’s mom: “The world rewards the bold.”

Jessica’s mom: “You can’t hate people, you can only greatly dislike them.”

Chris’ mom: "It's just money."

Kate’s mom: "Never trust a man who doesn't wear a watch, because he has nowhere he has to be." 

Mindy’s mom: “The only person who can make you feel guilty is you.”

Connie’s mom: “Treat ‘em mean and keep ‘em keen.”

Tajalli’s mom: “Treat others the way you want to be treated – especially your sisters!”   

Vicki’s mom: “There’s nothing wrong with being different.”

Colleen’s mom: "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything."

Kim’s mom: “Travel the world, live in other countries, and explore before you settle down.”

Swami’s mom: "Stop taunting the bullies."

Kim’s mom: “Get a good education and keep your skills up to date. Never rely on anyone else to support you.”

Danielle’s mom: “The world is your oyster.”

Kelli’s mom: “You are young; you have all the time in the world, just do it.”

Leslie’s mom: “Get off the white carpet!”

Jim’s mom: "Don't waste your time worrying. I've wasted too much of mine worrying."

Leanna’s mom: "Of course you can. After all, if your mother could learn to fly a plane, you can learn to …"

Nzinga's mom: “Don’t take any wooden nickels.”

Alexandra's mom: “Never forget where you came from.”

Max's mom: “It is a simple task to make things complex but a complex task to make them simple.”

Jodi's mom: “Eat the crusts first.”

Karissa's mom: “All you have is your word. Always keep it.”

Pilar's mom: "Just focus on yourself, don't worry about everyone else."

Gretchen's mom: "You can always tell about someone by their shoes." But then, also, "Anyone who treats you badly because of what you wear or look like isn't worth worrying about."

Liana's mom: "Don't let anyone tell you you can't."

Vidya's mom: "Everything has a way of working out."

Jenn's mom: "I wish I had a magic wand to wave and make everything better."

What did your mom say that you’ll never forget?


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One that comes from my the mother of my friend Katrina -- which I now say regularly to my two daughters who tend to repeat ad nauseum any annoying gag or joke that gets a laugh the first time:

That's a funny once.

"Start as you mean to go on"

And, instead of saying "I hate" something, say "I'm not fond of it." Or "it's not my favorite."

And my grandmother used to say of someone who was overly adorable in that knowing, calculated sort of way..."they've got a case of the galloping cutes."

Same grandmother wanted toilet lid left closed, otherwise "it's an open invitation" (never quite understood that one)

Thanks for this post - so much fun to read everyone's handed down pearls of wisdom. :)

You can do anything you put your mind to

Learn Spanish!

Here's a few more great ones contributed from my friends...

"Don't have kids before the age of 30; my mum had me at 19.

Roberta Wallace "Get your education so you can be independent. You should be strong enough to take care of yourself and not rely on someone else." My mom is from Taiwan- when she was a teenager, only boys were able to advance beyond elementary school. She always wanted to continue her education. At the time, she could have gone to Japan, if her parents allowed her to and if WWII hadn't intervened.

"A little dirt never hurt anyone." So we played in it all the time and to this day I have no allergies and a kickass immune system (which was also probably to do with her reluctance with antibiotics).

"Smile and they'll never notice."

My mom told me it was very important to fit it... well that wasn't exactly helpful advice for me being the person that I am.

From my grandma: "Marry young, the younger the better. There is a whole generation of girls right behind you about to blossom. You can always cheat on him, as long as you never tell a soul" From my mother: "what my mother in law said"
Is that the kind of wisdom you looking for?

"Sweetheart...this too shall pass...and i think of it often and have passed along to elan... "

"Always have cab fare."

"What you least expect happens, so expect the worst." Fun.

A few wise things my mom taught me?

"For asking you don't get a "potch in the punim" (Yiddish for slap in the face). In other words - don't be afraid to ask / question. It's how we learn!

A happy child is a dirty child! Let your kids play in the mud!

Timing is everything in life.

A friend that talks with you about others will be talking with others about you. If you don't have something nice to say about someone. Don't say anything!

What goes around comes around. Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.

Befriend the unusual people. They will make your life interesting.

This too shall pass...

In an effort for her kids to had strong self-esteem. My Mother alwasys said "If you have it flaunt it, if you don't have it, flaunt it anyway." I have lived my life that way and I am happy and people enjoy my company. That is a great trait to have. People enjoy your company.

A couple good ones,

"Nothing good ever happens after midnight."
"Have faith and good things will come to you."
"Do what you know is right"
"Is it enough?" (Always when discusing food = she always taught me to cook for 40 even if it's only 4 :)
"Manners are the most important thing you carry each day."

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