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March 28, 2014

What does it take to raise kids who are kind, smart, resilient, persistent, and cooperative?


by Carol Lloyd, Executive Editor

If my personal experience as a parent has taught me anything, the short answer is a lot.  The long answer is that learning how to raise emotionally intelligent kids usually means looking for the best advise from the onslaught of information out there – the writer you’ve come to trust, that smart mom or inspired teacher, whatever wisdom you can glean that will make sense for your family.

That’s why I’m so proud to announce Emotional Smarts: Conversations on Parenting, a Google+ Hangout On Air, in collaboration SocialMoms, and social emotional gaming company If You Can. This series will bring some of the most insightful voices in parenting and education together with influencers from other fields to talk about developing emotional intelligence in our kids – and ourselves.

Over the next few months, we'll pair experts with divergent views to explore a common parenting theme and offer practical wisdom and tactical advice.

For this first hangout, ivory tower meets reality TV when Marc Brackett, director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, speaks with America’s Supernanny Deborah Tillman – who, for her weekly Lifetime television show, goes into “lockdown” with families in crisis.

Tantrums and tirades

 Brackett and Tillman will share their ideas and tips on dealing with one of the most intractable of all parental pain points: anger in the family. Whether dealing with a child who is melting down or grappling with your own mounting frustration, every parent has struggled with this problem at some point. Should children be told to stay positive or express their anger? What are the best ways to deal with a child who has simply lost it?  How do you know if your own behavior is contributing to the problem? 

Join us Wednesday, April 2, 2 pm EST (11 am PST) for a spirited exploration of one of the most common – and difficult – issues in family life and jump in with your questions.

Just sign up via http://bit.ly/TantrumsAndTirades and log on at the appointed time to participate. In this unique forum, you’re invited to join the video conversation by contributing real-time questions and comments via the Google+ hangout page or Twitter via #emotionalsmarts  

If you can’t make the live event, no problem, you can watch it later on GreatSchools or SocialMoms.


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