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GreatSchools Releases Back to School “Supplies on a Budget” List


GreatSchools Releases Back to School “Supplies on a Budget” List

“Shopping Smart Guide” Follows Report Finding
Nearly Nine in Ten Parents Plan to Cut Costs Amid Economic Concerns

SAN FRANCISCO, CA; NEW YORK, NY — August 19, 2009 — As parents navigate their back-to-school shopping, GreatSchools, the national education nonprofit turned to by one in three K-12 households, today released its popular annual school supplies list for elementary, middle and high school students. This year, the GreatSchools School Supply Lists feature products that enable parents deeply concerned over the economy and their family budgets to stretch their dollars further.

The GreatSchools ‘Supplies on a Budget’ lists feature recommended supplies to help parents prepare their kids to start school right. The lists are tailored to the needs of students attending elementary, middle and high schools. The GreatSchools website (www.greatschools.org) also features advice for parents seeking recession-friendly ways to save on school supplies without depriving their children. These tips include:

  • Reuse supplies — Many school supplies, such as backpacks, binders, folders and even pens, can have a second life.
  • Swap with friends — Does it seem like your child outgrows his clothes every season? Instead of tossing the too-small tees and jeans and hitting the mall, try organizing a clothing swap with friends and neighbors, preferably those with kids of varying ages.
  • Look for (and stick to) bargains — Many retailers, on and offline, offer special sales and deals this time of year. Keep an eye out for promotions advertised in the newspaper and online. Stores will try to lure you in with the hope that you'll buy anything, discounted or not. Be sure to stick to the bargain items — if something is not on your list, just say no.
  • Delay some purchases until after school starts — Parents can stretch their dollars further by only buying what’s needed. By waiting until after school starts for some items, you’ll be assured that you are only buying what is truly required.

“With millions of parents turning to GreatSchools for advice on back-to-school shopping we’re committed to helping families do more with less and addressing their increasing concerns over the economy and its impact on family budgets and education,” said Bill Jackson, founder and president of GreatSchools.

The GreatSchools Back-to-School Supply List comes as parents are responding to economic difficulties by shopping smarter for school supplies. According to the recently released GreatSchools/Harris Interactive ‘Economy’s Impact on Back to School’ report, 74% of families expect their economic situation to worsen or stay the same. A majority of parents (nearly 90%) plan to take cost-saving steps when shopping for school supplies. These steps include reusing old supplies (57%) and delaying purchases until after school starts so as to only buy what’s truly needed (26%).

View the full report.

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