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GreatSchools Releases “The Best Educational Toys of 2009” Holiday Shopping List


GreatSchools Releases “The Best Educational Toys of 2009” Holiday Shopping List

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — December 16, 2009 — As parents hustle to finish their shopping this holiday season, GreatSchools, the national education nonprofit used by millions of parents, released its picks of the year’s best educational toys. The GreatSchools ‘Best Educational Toys of 2009’ list features products appropriate for kids of all ages, and is a handy resource for parents seeking a gift that will both educate and entertain.

"Toys with three qualities — educational, fun, and inventive — are less likely to be banished to the back of the closet," says Bill Jackson, founder and president of GreatSchools. "We recommend a range of guilt-free gifts that will inspire."

‘The Best Educational Toys of 2009’ list is part of the GreatSchools ‘Hi-Tech Holiday Guide,’ which contains ideas to keep children reading over the holidays, winter activities for the whole family, and other high-tech gift recommendations for parents who want to ‘edutain’ their kids. These picks include:

  • Tools for media moguls — Our select recommendations for cameras, movie cameras, and musical toys gives kids the tools to create media rather than consume it.
  • 10 gizmos for tiny techies — Do-it-yourself kits, microscopes, solar powered seagulls: these innovative gadgets will inspire kids to explore the world in new ways.
  • Guilt-free video games — These games don't just eschew blood and gore, they make creative and humanitarian themes irresistible.
  • DVDs that entertain and teach — This brilliant selection turns TV time into learning time with programs that enlighten and delight.
  • Best audiobooks for kids — Eleven audiobooks the whole family can enjoy, including a few celebrity-powered gems you may not have heard of before.
  • Kid-friendly iPhone apps — Young hands often reach for their parents' phones; check out these iPhone apps, developed especially for kids.

To learn more, visit www.greatschools.org.

About GreatSchools
GreatSchools is a national nonprofit whose mission is to inspire and guide parents to become effective champions of their children's education at home and in their communities.

Parents turn to GreatSchools to find the right schools for their children, to get practical advice and information that will help them raise successful, college-ready kids, and to support the schools in their communities. Founded in 1998, GreatSchools currently reaches more than 35 million people each year — approximately one-in-three American families with school-age children. With profiles of 200,000 public, public charter, and private schools serving students from Pre-K through high school and more than 800,000 parent ratings and reviews of schools, GreatSchools is the most comprehensive source of information on school quality today.

GreatSchools is supported by numerous foundations and corporations, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Robertson Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation. For more information, please visit www.greatschools.org.


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