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GreatSchools Partners with Common Sense Media to Support National Awareness Campaign


GreatSchools Partners with Common Sense Media to Support National Awareness Campaign

“Power to the Parent” is designed to educate parents about the impact of media and technology on kids 

San Francisco, CA — September 8, 2010 — GreatSchools, the leading online national resource for parents on school performance and education information, is partnering with Common Sense Media, to send a wake-up call to parents across the nation. As the campaign title indicates, parents have the power to influence their children and help shape their child’s media experience. The campaign is supported by a $40 million television ad campaign, as well as online banner ads, a microsite, and a social media component.

“The ‘Power to the Parent’ campaign is really about raising the profile of the parent’s role”, states Bill Jackson, CEO and Founder of GreatSchools.  “We are thrilled to partner with Common Sense Media on this national awareness campaign because we believe that parents cannot stand on the sidelines of the media where their children are concerned.  The organization has long been a natural fit for GreatSchools and we support this timely and realistic campaign.”

The media partnership will extend the reach of the campaign to the GreatSchools.org platform where tens of millions of parents regularly seek information on school choice, performance, and education information. By making the three parent-focused TV spots available to GreatSchools’ parents, millions of more parents across the country will receive the message and call to action:  be proactive and discerning in your child’s media life. 

“The media and technology world has changed drastically in the last 10 years. Today, kids are spending more than seven hours each day with media, and it truly has become the other parent in their lives,” said James Steyer, CEO and founder, Common Sense Media. “But though the world has changed, parenting hasn’t. We are proud to have the support of GreatSchools in this campaign to urge parents to be fully engaged participants in their kids’ media lives, and help teach them to make smart, responsible media choices both today and in their futures.”

The $40 million campaign consists of three parent-focused television spots, created and produced by Common Sense Media and directed by award-winning director Brian O’Neill. The three spots are titled: “Role Models,” “Stadium,” and “Time Spent.” The spots will air during multiple time slots over the course of the next year, beginning on August 30. Comcast, Cox Communications, DIRECTV, NBC Universal, and Time Warner Cable have each stepped up to support the TV advertising component to the campaign, and Yahoo!, Facebook, and Hulu are providing additional online support.

For more information about the “Power to the Parent,” including tips, advice, and to view the TV spots, visit www.commonsense.com.

About GreatSchools
GreatSchools is a national nonprofit that inspires and guides parents to become effective champions of their children's education at home and in their communities. Parents turn to us to find the right schools for their children, to get practical advice and information that will help them raise successful, college-ready kids, and to support the schools in their communities. Founded in 1998, GreatSchools reaches more than 37 million people each year — approximately one-in-three American families with school-age children. With profiles of 200,000 public, public charter, and private schools serving students from Pre-K through high school and more than 800,000 parent ratings and reviews of schools, GreatSchools is the most comprehensive source of information on school quality today. For more information, visit www.greatschools.org

About Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology. We exist because our kids are growing up in a culture that profoundly impacts their physical, social, and emotional well-being. We provide families with the advice and media reviews they need in order to make the best choices for their children. Through our education programs and policy efforts, Common Sense Media empowers parents, educators, and young people to become knowledgeable and responsible digital citizens. For more information, go to: www.commonsense.org

Press Contacts:
Kristan Kirsh
Senior Marketing Communications Manager, GreatSchools

Marisa Connolly
Senior Manager, Communications, Common Sense Media
(415) 553-6703



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