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New Parenting Quiz Puts Parental Habits to the Test

GreatSchools and NBC News’ EducationNation.com offer America’s moms and dads a revealing quiz based on the latest parenting research
NEW YORK, NY and SAN FRANCISCO, CA —Sept. 23, 2011 GreatSchools launches today  “Your Parenting GPS”— an online quiz that tests parenting habits and how they influence children’s success.  The quiz focuses on three prime areas that research shows are crucial for kids to do well in school: brain development, academics, and motivation levels.  Created by GreatSchools for NBC’s Education Nation, “Your Parenting GPS” is a fun interactive quiz filled with “aha!” moments that go beyond conventional wisdom.  The quiz is available online at www.educationnation.com/quiz and www.greatschools.org/quiz.
“This quiz is a valuable tool for parents to explore their habits and practices as it relates to their children’s education. Hats off to NBC’s Education Nation for recognizing parents as essential members in the national education reform dialogue and for giving 'Your Parenting GPS' a home at this important event. Our hope is that this is just the beginning,” says Bill Jackson, CEO and founder of GreatSchools.
Professor Ronald Ferguson at Harvard University’s Achievement Gap Initiative advised GreatSchools on the content of the quiz. “Research is producing important new insights on the ways that parents can help children develop both academic and nonacademic skills.  We need a bridge to carry these insights out of the research journals and into everyday parenting. This quiz is a great way to build that bridge— and to start a national conversation to help all of us reach our potential as parents,” Ferguson explains.
After taking the quiz, America’s parents and caregivers get eye-opening insights about how they can guide and enrich their child’s educational path along with free, practical resources to help them do it.
"Parents play such a critical role in the academic life of their child.  I certainly wouldn't be where I am today if my parents hadn't been so engaged in ensuring I had the right education and learning experience when I was growing up.  Our hope is that this parent quiz will help illuminate some areas where every parent can support their child's development and guide them down the path to success," says Michael Chen, President, NBC News Strategic Initiatives Group, which includes Education Nation.
About GreatSchools
GreatSchools is a national nonprofit whose mission is to inspire and guide parents to be effective champions of their children's education at home and in their communities.  Founded in 1998, GreatSchools reaches close to 40M people each year through its flagship website, GreatSchools.org, and through its e-learning resources and local programs. For more information, visit greatschools.org.

About “Education Nation”
Education Nation seeks to create a thoughtful, well-informed dialogue with policymakers, thought-leaders, educators, parents and the public, in pursuit of the shared goal of providing every American with an opportunity to achieve the best education in the world. These discussions cover the challenges, potential solutions and innovations spanning the education landscape. By providing quality information to the public, NBC News hopes to educate Americans so they can make decisions about how best to improve our education system both in the near and long terms, and to shine a spotlight on one of the most urgent national issues of our time, so that America can once again become the Education Nation of the world.

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